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100 Acres for Sale in Thika


USD 90,226

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Explore Boundless Opportunities with 100 Acres of Land for Sale in Thika!  

Are you prepared to make an investment in the future? Look no further than this exceptional opportunity – 100 Acres of Land for Sale in Thika! Conveniently positioned along Thika-Murang’a Road, this expansive piece of land opens doors to unparalleled possibilities. With its close proximity to Thika Superhighway and significant developments such as Braeburn International School, MPESA Foundation Academy, and a girl’s school, this property beckons those in search of a strategic and lucrative investment.

Key Features of the 100 Acres for Sale in Thika :

🌐 Strategic Location: Nestled along Thika-Murang’a Road and in proximity to Thika Superhighway, this land offers seamless access to logistical networks. It is an optimal choice for businesses seeking convenient connectivity.

🌿 Natural Beauty and Flat Topography: Boasting a fairly flat topography adorned with natural vegetation, the land provides a picturesque backdrop for diverse development projects. Its visual appeal and versatility make it suitable for various construction endeavors.

🏫 Proximity to Educational Institutions: Surrounded by prominent educational institutions such as Braeburn International School, MPESA Foundation Academy, and a girl’s school, the land is highly attractive for the establishment of additional educational institutions. This caters to the growing demand for quality education.

🏭 Ideal for Light Industries and Warehouses: With its extensive expanse, the property serves as an ideal canvas for the development of light industries and warehouses/go-downs. Its strategic positioning ensures the seamless flow of goods and services, making it a top choice for businesses in need of spacious and well-connected facilities.

🏡 Perfect for Institutional Development: Given its proximity to educational institutions, the land is well-suited for the establishment of schools and colleges. The thriving educational ecosystem in the area presents an opportune moment to invest in institutions that contribute to the community’s growth.

💰 Competitive Pricing: Priced at a competitive rate of 12 million Kenyan Shillings per acre, this offering provides an affordable yet lucrative investment opportunity. The reasonable pricing ensures that investors can capitalize on the potential for substantial returns in the rapidly developing Thika region.

Why Invest in Thika?

Thika is not only a burgeoning economic hub but also a city with a rich history and a promising future. Its strategic location, coupled with a flourishing business environment, makes it an appealing destination for investors diversifying their portfolios. The property’s proximity to key developments and educational institutions further solidifies its potential for growth and appreciation.

Seize the Opportunity:

Do not let the chance slip away to secure your stake in the future of Thika!

Invest wisely, invest in Thika!



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USD 90,226


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