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For Sale


Thika, Kiambu County, Thika, KIAMBU COUNTY

USD 300,752

0.5 Acres
  • Size0.5 Acres
  • Property Type:For Sale


buying a ½ acre plot for sale in Thika, Maporomo Estate, with a chicken farm can be a compelling opportunity:

  • 🟢 Investment Opportunity: Acquiring land is widely regarded as a favorable investment. Over time, land tends to appreciate in value, especially in developing areas like Thika. As Maporomoko Estate experiences growth and development, the demand for land is likely to increase. By purchasing a plot now, you position yourself to potentially benefit from significant returns in the future as the value of the land appreciates.


  • 🟢 Agricultural Potential: Owning a chicken farm on the property provides an immediate and existing source of income. Poultry farming is a profitable venture due to the consistent demand for chicken meat and eggs. By acquiring a plot with an established chicken farm, you bypass the need to set up everything from scratch. You can leverage the existing infrastructure, such as chicken coops, feeders, and water systems, to start or expand your poultry business right away, saving you time and effort.


  • 🟢 Diversification: Adding a ½ acre plot with a chicken farm to your investment portfolio brings diversification. It is wise to have a mix of assets to spread risk. If you already have investments in sectors like stocks or bonds, owning tangible assets such as land and an operational business provides stability and balance to your overall portfolio. This diversification can help mitigate potential losses and provide alternative income streams.


  • 🟢 Self-Sustainability: Running a chicken farm offers the potential for self-sustainability. By producing your own eggs and chicken meat, you reduce reliance on external sources and ensure a consistent supply of food for personal consumption. Moreover, you may have the opportunity to sell surplus produce to the local community, generating additional income. This self-sufficiency contributes to a sustainable lifestyle and can potentially lower your living expenses.


  • 🟢 Future Development Opportunities: If the area is experiencing growth and urbanization, there may be future development opportunities for the property. As Thika expands, the land you purchase could potentially be rezoned or converted for commercial or residential purposes. This presents the possibility of increased land value and additional investment prospects. Keeping an eye on the development plans and trends in the area can help you identify potential opportunities for maximizing the value of your investment.


  • 🟢 Personal Enjoyment: Owning a chicken farm can be personally fulfilling, particularly if you have an interest in agriculture or farming. It allows you to engage in a hands-on activity and learn about the intricacies of poultry farming. You can witness the entire process, from raising chicks to the production of eggs and meat. Seeing your farm thrive and grow under your ownership can bring a sense of pride and satisfaction.


  • 🟢 Established Infrastructure: One advantage of purchasing a property with an existing chicken farm is that you acquire the infrastructure necessary for poultry farming. This includes structures such as chicken coops, feeding systems, water supply infrastructure, and potentially even equipment. Acquiring an established setup saves you time and effort compared to starting from scratch. It allows you to jumpstart your poultry operations and begin generating income sooner.


  • 🟢 Learning Opportunity: Running a chicken farm provides a valuable learning experience in agricultural practices, animal husbandry, and business management. Whether you have prior experience or not, being directly involved in the day-to-day operations of a chicken farm can deepen your knowledge and skills in poultry farming. This knowledge can be applied to future endeavours or even scaled up to larger farming operations.


  • 🟢 Potential for Value Addition: With a ½ acre plot, you may have opportunities to add value to the property. This could involve diversifying your agricultural activities by incorporating additional livestock or cultivating crops on a portion of the land. Value addition not only increases the overall productivity and potential income but also maximizes the use of the available space.


  • 🟢 Environmental Benefits: Poultry farming, when done responsibly, can have positive environmental impacts. If you prioritize sustainable and ethical practices, you can contribute to local food production while minimizing the carbon footprint associated with transporting chicken and eggs from distant farms. Proper waste management and composting can also help reduce environmental pollution and provide organic fertilizer for future agricultural activities.


  • 🟢 Flexibility and Independence: By owning a plot with a chicken farm, you gain flexibility and independence in your professional life. You have control over the operations and can make decisions that align with your goals and values. This autonomy allows you to adapt to market conditions, explore new farming techniques, and implement innovative strategies to enhance productivity and profitability.


  • 🟢 ½ acre plot
  • 🟢 Located in Maporomoko Estate, Thika
  • 🟢 The plot has a chicken farming project
  • 🟢 The farm can hold approximately 5,400 birds/chicken
  • 🟢 Contains feeders
  • 🟢 With automatic drinkers
  • 🟢 The farm has 4 staff quarters
  • 🟢 High-level storage water tanks
  • 🟢 10 storage water tanks each with 500 Liters
  • 🟢 Water storage capacity of 5,000 Liters
  • 🟢 4 chicken houses with a to hold 5,400 birds
  • 🟢 Dip liter which can hold 4,000 birds

PRICE: KES 40M Negotiable

  • Residential
  • Agricultural
  • Farms

Thika, Kiambu County

USD 300,752


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