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For Sale


Thika, Kiambu County, Thika, KIAMBU COUNTY

USD 142,857

0.5 Acres
  • Size0.5 Acres
  • Property Type:For Sale



Advantages of buying a ½ acre plot for sale located on Maporomoko Road in Maporoko Estate, Thika

  • 🟢 Investment potential: Land is a tangible asset that tends to appreciate over time. By purchasing a half an acre plot in Maporoko Estate, Thika, you have the potential to benefit from the increasing value of the land. Thika is a growing urban center, and as development and infrastructure projects expand in the area, land prices are likely to rise. Investing in a plot now could yield substantial returns in the future.


  • 🟢 Development opportunities: Owning a ½ acre plot in Maporoko Estate, Thika provides ample space for various development possibilities. You can customize the land to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you plan to build a residential property for yourself or develop it for commercial purposes, such as constructing rental units or establishing a business, the size of the plot offers flexibility and potential for growth.


  • 🟢 Customization and control: Buying the half an acre plot in Maporoko Estate, Thika allows you to have complete control over the design and construction of your property. You can work with architects and contractors to create a space that aligns with your vision. This level of customization enables you to build a home or commercial property that meets your specific requirements, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality.


  • 🟢 Potential for rental income: Thika’s growing population and economic activities create a demand for housing. Developing the plot into rental units can generate a steady stream of rental income. The ½ acre size provides room for multiple units, potentially increasing your rental yield. Conducting market research and understanding the local rental demand can help ensure a successful income-generating venture.


  • 🟢 Future development prospects: Thika is experiencing urban growth, and owning a plot in a promising location positions you for future development opportunities. As the area develops further, the value of the land may appreciate significantly. Additionally, neighboring infrastructure projects, such as roads, schools, and commercial developments, can enhance the desirability and value of the area, benefiting property owners in the long run.


  • 🟢 Located on Maporomoko Road, Maporoko Estate, Thika
  • 🟢 Approximately 1.8Km from the Thika Superhighway
  • 🟢 In a controlled residential development
  • 🟢 Ideal for single dwelling maisonette or bungalows
  • 🟢 Accessible through all weather roads from the superhighway
  • 🟢 Electricity
  • 🟢 Ready for immediate development
  • 🟢 Ready to transfer title deed

PRICE: KES 19M Negotiable

  • Residential
  • Controlled Development Schemes
  • Commercial

Thika, Kiambu County

USD 142,857


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