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For Sale


Banana, Kiambu County, Banana, KIAMBU COUNTY

USD 751,880

1 Acres
  • Size1 Acres
  • Property Type:For Sale


Investing in one acre of land for sale in Banana, Kiambu County offers a range of compelling advantages. Let’s further explore the reasons why you might consider purchasing this property:

  • 🟢 Investment Potential: Investing in land is generally considered a smart long-term investment. As an appreciating asset, land tends to increase in value over time, especially in developing areas like Banana. By acquiring one acre of land now, you position yourself to potentially benefit from future capital appreciation. The ongoing growth and development in the area can contribute to the appreciation of your investment, offering potential returns in the future.


  • 🟢 Residential Development: Banana, located in Kiambu County, has been experiencing rapid urbanization and population growth. Owning one acre of land provides an opportunity to develop a residential property. Whether you plan to build your dream home or construct multiple units for rental purposes, the one-acre plot offers ample space to design and create a comfortable living environment. With the flexibility to customize your residence, you can create a home that suits your lifestyle and preferences.


  • 🟢 Agricultural Ventures: Kiambu County is renowned for its fertile soil and favorable climate for agriculture. With one acre of land, you have the opportunity to engage in various agricultural activities. You may choose to cultivate crops, establish a small-scale farm, or invest in horticulture. This allows you to explore agricultural ventures that can generate income, contribute to local food production, and potentially create employment opportunities. Leveraging the fertile land in Banana, you can tap into the agricultural potential of the area.


  • 🟢 Land Banking: Some individuals purchase land as a long-term investment strategy, known as land banking. By acquiring one acre of land in Banana, you secure a valuable asset for future development or resale. As the area continues to grow and attract more investment, there may be opportunities for rezoning or conversion of the land for commercial or residential purposes. This can increase the value of your investment over time, making land banking a potentially lucrative approach.


  • 🟢 Recreational Space: Owning one acre of land provides the opportunity to create your own private oasis or recreational space. With sufficient space, you can design and develop the land to include amenities such as gardens, outdoor recreational areas, or even a personal playground. This allows you to have a dedicated space for relaxation, leisure activities, and quality time with family and friends. Creating a recreational haven on your one-acre plot can enhance your lifestyle and well-being.


  • 🟢 Land Consolidation: If you already own adjacent land or have future plans to acquire additional parcels, buying one acre of land can help consolidate your holdings. Consolidating multiple parcels into a larger property can offer several advantages. It allows for more efficient land management and potential future development opportunities. Additionally, consolidating land can enhance the value and marketability of the overall property, providing greater flexibility for future use or resale.



  • 🟢 One acre
  • 🟢 Located in Banana, Kiambu County
  • 🟢 Ideal for commercial development such as Mall and institutions
  • 🟢 Red Soil
  • 🟢 Touching the Main Banana Road
  • 🟢 Ready to transfer title deed.
  • 🟢 Ready for immediate development

PRICE: KES 100M Negotiable

0719 443 339  or 0700 215 848

  • Residential
  • Development Land
  • Commercial

Banana, Kiambu County

USD 751,880


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