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For Sale


Ndeiya, Limuru,, Limuru, KIAMBU COUNTY

USD 112,782

1 Acres
  • Size1 Acres
  • Property Type:For Sale


ONE ACRE FOR SALE, LIMURU, KIAMBU COUNTY. Buying one acre of land touching Dagoretti Road in Ndeiya, Limuru, with existing infrastructure and assets, such as a former mushroom farm, can offer several advantages. Here are some reasons why it could be a good investment:


  • 🟢 Location: The property’s location along Dagoretti Road offers several advantages. Being situated on a tarmacked road means that it is easily accessible and provides convenient transportation options. This can be beneficial for both personal and business purposes. The high levels of traffic passing by the property can increase visibility and exposure, making it an ideal location for commercial ventures.


  • 🟢 Infrastructure: The presence of existing infrastructure, particularly the former mushroom farm, can save you significant time and resources. The buildings, water supply systems, electricity connections, and other facilities already in place can be utilized for various purposes. This infrastructure can provide a head start if you plan to continue mushroom farming or even if you want to repurpose the buildings for alternative agricultural activities. It also eliminates the need to start from scratch and can reduce the costs associated with constructing new structures or installing essential utilities.


  • 🟢 Agricultural Potential: The former mushroom farm infrastructure opens up possibilities in the agricultural sector. Mushroom farming, if properly managed, can be a profitable venture. With the existing infrastructure and knowledge, you can continue the mushroom farming operation or explore other agricultural opportunities on the land. This could include growing other types of crops, setting up a greenhouse, or even establishing a livestock farm. The existing infrastructure provides a solid foundation for such agricultural activities and can potentially accelerate your path to profitability.


  • 🟢 Business Opportunities: The location and existing infrastructure offer a range of business opportunities beyond agriculture. The property’s visibility along Dagoretti Road can attract businesses and customers looking for convenient and accessible locations. You can consider setting up a retail store, a restaurant, or a recreational facility catering to the passing traffic. Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can explore leasing the property to other businesses, generating rental income while benefiting from potential property appreciation.


  • 🟢 Potential for Appreciation: Real estate has historically shown the potential for long-term appreciation in value. The property’s location along Dagoretti Road, which is likely to experience increased traffic and development, presents an opportunity for future appreciation. As the surrounding area develops and urbanizes, the demand for strategically located properties could rise, leading to an increase in property value over time. This potential appreciation can offer a return on your investment if you decide to sell the property in the future.


  • 🟢 Flexibility: The size of the land, one acre, provides flexibility in terms of its use and development. You have the freedom to design and develop the property according to your specific needs and goals. Whether you choose to develop the land for commercial purposes, residential use, or a combination of both, the one-acre size allows for a range of possibilities. You can create a unique space that aligns with your vision and maximize the land’s potential.


One Acre Touching Dagoretti Road (Tarmacked), Ndeiya, Limuru – Ufocus Farms Land for Sale
  • 🟢 1 acre for sale
  • 🟢 Ready title – Freehold
  • 🟢 Red soil
  • 🟢 Within Kiambu County
  • 🟢 Water – existing connection available – Ndeiya, Nderu Water Project
  • 🟢 Touching the Dagoretti road and 6 km from the Mutarakwa junction off Mai Mahiu road.
  • 🟢 Near Makutano shopping centre
  • 🟢 30 minutes from Nairobi.
  • 🟢 10 minutes from Limuru town
  • 🟢 15 minutes Kikuyu town.
  • 🟢 Mobile network access by all service providers
  • 🟢 Great investment for a home or farming or light industry
  • 🟢 Can also be turned into a logistics center dues to nearness to the road/workshop/processing facility.

EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE & ASSETS (This is a former mushroom farm)

  • 🟢 Fenced and gated
  • 🟢 Piped and metred water
  • 🟢 10,000 litres and 5,000 litres tanks
  • 🟢 2 brick and clay roof tiled mushroom growing houses (each measuring 30ft x 25ft) with metal doors and windows
  • 🟢 16-ton pasteurizing chamber (slab ceiling) with metal doors and windows – brick walls and iron sheet roof
  • 🟢 3 Brick Stores with metal doors and windows- brick walls and iron sheet roof
  • 🟢 3-phase power and powerhouse,
  • 🟢 Steam boiler
  • 🟢 Spawning room with metal doors and windows- brick walls and iron sheet roof
  • 🟢 Wheat straw (hay) storage
  • 🟢 Workers’ quarters/housing
PRICE: KES 15M per acre ono.
  • Agricultural
  • Farms
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Ndeiya, Limuru,

USD 112,782


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